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ERA-Endometrial Receptivity Analysis – EGV Klinika

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What is Endometrial Receptivity Analysis (ERA)?

The ERA test helps avoid implantation failure by establishing the best day for embryo transfer. The timing of embryo transfer must coordinate with your body´s menstrual cycle, neither too early nor too late, but at just the right time. For most women, the best time to transfer an embryo is the same, but for some women, it can be different.

This test is recommended if:

  1. You have suffered an implantation failure.
  2. You are undergoing assisted reproduction treatment.

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EGV Klinika – for reproductive health and fertilisation

Our main task is to ensure the reproductive health care of patients. We provide the best opportunity to become parents for those facing infertility issues. Our outstanding specialist team can resolve the most challenging cases, provide advice, and share experience to prevent reproductive health disorders. Clinic EGV has the ideal physician for anyone – women, men, and couples – who long for a child or are already expecting.

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