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Penguins of mine

I am a 41 years old Finnish woman. I started drawing my penguins in the aftermath of our second miscarriage in March 2009. Prior to this, I had already gone through a miscarriage in 2006 and a stillbirth in 2007. And all of this happened after nearly 7 years of longing for a child and 3 years of fertility treatments, 3 rounds of ivf, and 13 embryo transfers.

Discovering and drawing my penguins helped me regain hope and find the strength to continue with the fertility treatments. I hope that my penguins bring comfort to those of you who are suffering from infertility, and help your loved ones understand what it all really feels like.

An unhappy road can, thankfully, lead to a happy place. Our 14th embryo transfer finally brought us our beloved daughter in June 2010. Our 16th attempt gave us a wonderful ivf son in July 2012.

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