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Love, Lies and Conception

Författare: Sara Alexandra Jones
Språk: Engelska
Utgiven: 2023-06-27
ISBN: 9789152761564

Alice’s Tinder-addicted colleague insists Alice has it all – a fancy dentist job, a nice husband. But Alice can’t ignore the moody whisperings in her head. Is your life so worthless you can’t be happy without a baby? When she and her husband Patrick are faced with infertility, IVF seems be the solution. But soon medications and appointments take over Alice’s life, and Patrick, although supportive, seems more focused on his job selling real estate and secretly envying his single workmate’s Casanova charm. The allure of European travel and flirty singles offer a distraction from needles, sterile jars and an equally sterile sex life. And when they finally face their mid-IVF crisis, Alice and Patrick need to decide if they want a baby – and their marriage – enough to continue their IVF struggle.

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